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In copyediting I will review every part of a manuscript for correctness, clarity, coherency, and consistency, in accordance with a specific style manual. I will check all spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage, making corrections and revisions where needed or asking the author to make them. I will clarify any confusing meaning, eliminate repetitions and redundancies, prune verbose passages, and establish language consistency throughout the manuscript.

I will edit any tables, graphs, captions, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography, if requested. While the author is responsible for factual accuracy and permissions, I will point out any facts that I know to be incorrect and remind the author to obtain permissions for reprinting quotations.

Substantive Editing

While copyediting involves some rewording of text for clarity and understanding, the major rewriting of whole sections of text to improve the overall style or organization of a manuscript is called substantive editing.


Which service do you need?

After reviewing your manuscript and discussing your project goals with you, I will recommend which of these editing types would best serve your needs.

MY commitment to YOU

Accuracy + Authenticity

I will be attentive and careful in my editorial decisions as I strive for a polished, error-free manuscript. My edits will be defensible and will retain your voice and meaning.

Reader Focused

I will edit for your readers, maintaining a suitable tone and eliminating errors, inconsistencies, and other distractions so that they can focus on your message.

Cultural Sensitivity

For an ESL manuscript, I will strive for a natural flow to facilitate understanding by native English readers–while at the same time remaining sensitive to your cultural preferences and style.

Deadline Driven

I will endeavor to meet all deadlines that we have agreed to, informing you immediately if I know circumstances will prevent that.

Quality before Quantity

You deserve the benefit of my skills and experience, so I accept projects within my expertise. I edit only nonfiction, preferably business or academic.

Mutual Honesty

Our relationship is of the utmost importance. Editing is a collaborative process requiring trust and honesty between author and editor, who should be comfortable working together to achieve a common goal.

My Editorial Rates

The rates for my services depend on the manuscript type, the subject matter, the quality of the original manuscript, and the timeline required. For some editing jobs I charge by the word and for others by the project. I will provide an estimate after evaluating the manuscript and consulting with the client. I can accept payment in US dollars or Japanese yen by credit card using Stripe or Paypal. I can also accept cash in Japanese yen by bank transfer.


My Nonprofit Work

I donate my services on a limited basis to charitable foundations or nonprofit corporations.


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Let's discuss your project goals. We'll talk about what you need, and I'll recommend how I can best help you.